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Eye Surgery Center of Michigan Introduced Bladeless LenSx Laser Cataract Surgery

The Eye Surgery Center of Michigan, founded by Board Certified Physicians and Surgeons has introduced an innovative bladeless cataract surgical procedure, which is performed using the LenSx laser technology. This Michigan center functions jointly with St. John Providence Health System, which is developed to ensure high-level eye surgical care in the year 2008.

Instrument for performing bladeless laser cataract surgery

The LenSx laser technology is approved by the FDA and is based on femtosecond technology employed in bladeless LASIK surgery. This LenSx laser system is less invasive and ensures significantly high precision and safety level in most common cataract operations, which is done for about 2 million people annually. The latest LenSx laser technology can substitute the traditional surgical procedures, which involves creation of several small incisions using a blade while performing cataract operations. Nowadays, instead of using blades the femtosecond laser is used to make holes particularly for astigmatism management, thereby ensuring successful results.

Dr. Leslie Grosinger, a co-founder of the Eye Surgery Center, stated that these high precision bladeless laser surgical procedures for cataract are practiced only in few centers across the country. Grosinger said that their center is the only center practicing this technology in Southeast Michigan. Grosinger said that the laser refractive surgical procedure is the technologically superior and is an advanced option for patients having cataract. Grosinger went on to say that their surgical center is capable of performing customized surgeries based on the characteristics of cataract affected eyes. Grosinger added that this center can provide superior astigmatism management procedures by using the latest laser technology, thereby enabling the patient to see without wearing glasses.


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