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Cynosure Unveils Minimally Invasive Laser Device for Cellulite Treatment

Cynosure has launched a new minimally invasive surgical system, called the Cellulaze Cellulite Laser Workstation. The laser system minimizes cellulite by re-establishing the normal structure of the underlying connective tissue and the skin.

The company will showcase the Cellulaze workstation at the 69th Annual Meeting of American Academy of Dermatology, in New Orleans, from 4 to 8 February 2011.

Cynosure has obtained the CE Mark certification for its Cellulaze laser. Cellulite is a untreated and degenerative condition with depressions and herniations within the skin layers. The Cellulaze technique is carried out under a local anesthetic. In the procedure, a physician inserts a narrow tube, called the cannula under the skin.

The SideLight 3D side-firing technology projects the laser thermal energy onto the treatment areas of the body. In addition, the laser eliminates the accumulated fat, maximizes the thickness and elasticity of the skin, and releases the skin depressions.


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