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Ohio Laser Opens Laser Tube Cutting Facility

Ohio Laser has unveiled a new laser pipe cutting and laser tube cutting facility on its manufacturing area. The facility allows Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to restructure its tube and pipe manufacturing at a single location.

The Ohio Laser facility is equipped with a 10-ton overhead crane, raw material storage, a 3000 W Trumpf Tubematic 5000 system, and a 3600 W Trumpf TruLaser 7000 laser tube cutting system. The crane facilitates convenient and quick transfer of materials across the entire building. The facility offers custom tube fabricating service, namely, manual welding, machining, robotic tube welding, and CNC tube bending to process any type of metal components, pipes, and tubes.

The building provides tube cutting of outer dimensions of 0.6 to 10’’ round tubes and 8’’ square tubes to manufacturers. In addition, the tube-processing center provides manufacturers high efficiencies to create manifolds, supports, trusses, frames, racks, and other items. Ohio Laser provides laser tube cutting for tubes of up to a wall thickness of 1/2’’, weight of up to 500 pounds, and up to 30' in length. Laser cut tubing benefits the products such as racking systems, ATVs, display cases, industrial tables, food equipment, railing, sign frames, exercise equipment, and playground equipment.


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