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RMI Laser Releases 20-Watt Laser Marking System

RMI Laser has unveiled the new 20-watt U-20 Q-switched laser marking system. The U-20 is suitable for performing surface laser markings on durable metals, and on austenitic super alloys; as well as for cutting thin metals.

Laser marking system

The U-20 laser marking system is suitable for marking areas in the range of 4” to 12” for large batches. The system can be used on ceramics, composites, plastics, all metals, and many other material substrates.

The Q-switched laser marking system comprises an integrated diode-pumped ND: YVO4   laser source that offers about double the peak power of the earlier marking system from the company. The U-20 offers high beam quality, fast engraving for 0.001” to 0.004”, and high speed vector marking. These features make the laser system perfect for marking-on-the-fly (MOTF). The heat level of the U-20 is at a minimum level during operation due to the short pulse duration. This makes the system ideal for heat-sensitive materials processes or materials.

The U-20’s extended focal plane depth allows creating laser marks on curved surfaces or around curves, without degradation or distortion. A U-20 standard laser marking system comprises laser safety goggles, mounting stand, Z-axis lab jack, 163 mm F-Theta lens, focusing diode, laptop computer, controller, marker head, and RMI Laser’s SymbolWriter-Pro software.



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