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UCLA Scientists Develop Lens-Free Electron Microscope

UCLA researchers have developed a new, advanced lens-free electron microscope that is ideal for veterinarians to determine the fertility of animals.

According to Aydogan Ozcan, a scientist, the electron microscope is compact enough to be plugged into a portable device. The microscope can be used to determine saliva, blood and or other liquids and does not utilize any glass lens. The microscope is lightweight and can be connected to a laptop. It can be used to measure the sperm count of animals.

Sperm counts helps in assessing the value of animals. Technicians normally carry the semen samples to a laboratory to view them in an optical telescope. In the lab, sperms’ viability is determined by counting them during their movement.

Existing automated systems are costly and large for extensive applications. The compact electron microscope captures 20 pictures in 10 second. It can track the movement of live sperms and removes guesswork.


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