Cobolt Unveils Cobolt Rumba DPSS Laser

DPSS laser manufacturer, Cobolt has launched a new CW single-frequency DPSS laser, the Cobolt Rumba. The laser is ideal for use in optical tweezers, interferometry, and high resolution Raman spectroscopy experiments. The Cobolt Rumba delivers an output power of 2W CW, and operates at a wavelength of 1064 nm.

Cobolt Rumba

The Cobolt Rumba, as well as the Cobolt Samba and the Cobolt Zouk, is available on the single-frequency 05-01 platform. The new cavity design of the Cobolt Rumba laser offers low noise performance of less than 0.1% rms, at a temperature range of 10°C - 40°C. The Cobolt Rumba delivers less than 1 MHz of narrow spectral linewidth.

The Rumba laser is developed with the company's HTCure technology in a hermetically sealed and compact package. The laser withstands extreme temperatures, humidity, pressure, as well as multiple 60G mechanical shocks. The Cobolt Rumba is available with an OEM or CDRH controller that can be accessed remotely, for monitoring and operating the laser through analog or RS-232 digital interfaces.



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