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LASER COMPONENTS and PicoQuant Develop High-Quality Photon Counters

German company, LASER COMPONENTS has formed a strategic collaboration with PicoQuant to develop and market photon counters. The photon counters will be developed to meet specific customer requirements. LASER COMPONENTS designs and produces the avalanche photodiodes, while PicoQuant supplies the required electronics.

Both companies are developing two different series of photon counters. The first series, known as COUNT, is utilized for non-time-resolved applications and is available through LASER’s distributor network. The second series, known as t-SPAD, is suitable for time-resolved applications. The t-SPAD modules are available via PicoQuant’s sales network. The t-SPAD and the COUNT modules provide low dark count rates and improved quantum efficiency.

LASER COMPONENTS’ General Manager, Patrick Paul stated that both companies aim to further develop the photon counting modules, and close collaboration with customers will enable them to target new applications.

PicoQuant’s General Manager, Rainer Erdmann stated that the company was interested in developing the photon counters with LASER COMPONENTS as it is a well-established APD manufacturer.


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