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Optical Mouse - How an Optical Mouse Work

The mouse is an input tool designed to control objects on the display screen. The mouse senses these movements and is transmitted to the computer in order for it to react in an appropriate manner.

How Optical Mouse Work?

A tiny red LED is used by an optical mouse to create a light source. Light reflected off the underlying surface is gathered by a CMOS sensor. To detect movement, each image is transmitted from the CMOS sensor to a digital signal processor where the images are analyzed. The digital signal processor detects patterns in the images and investigates how the patterns have shifted since the earlier image.

The digital signal processor decides how much the optical mouse has traveled based on the variations in patterns over a series of images. This information is then transmitted from the optical mouse to the computer, and the pointer on the screen is moved based on the coordinates received from the mouse.

Source: AZoOptics

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