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    With over 50 years of experience in developing light measurement instruments, Gamma Scientific is trusted by the world’s leading organizations to provide accurate and reliable results. Based...
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    At Wasatch Photonics, we’re fascinated by the many ways light can be used to understand nature and solve the problems that touch our lives each day, and it shows in our innovation, applications...
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    FUJIFILM operates over 50 group companies and branches in Europe and employs approximately 4,500, and is engaged in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service, with FUJIFILM Europe GmbH, located in...
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    Teledyne DALSA is an international leader in high performance digital imaging and semiconductors with approximately 1000 employees world-wide. Established in 1980 and acquired by Teledyne Technologies...
  • Article - 21 Jun 2022
    A research collaboration has demonstrated precisely controlled single-cycle waveforms in ultrashort mid-infrared pulses.
  • Article - 17 Feb 2022
    Optogenetics is an emerging field that uses light and genetic engineering to detect and control the activity of genetically modified proteins or neurons. Optogenetics has advanced numerous...
  • Article - 15 Feb 2022
    This article looks at the history of medical imaging, from Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen's first X-ray to the introduction of magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Article - 10 Dec 2021
    The first experimental cross-sectional medical image achieved without the use of tomography was recently demonstrated by a team of researchers from the US and Japan. The study, which was published in...
  • Article - 16 Dec 2020
    Manufacturers of machine vision cameras design the equipment to be robust and durable enough for medical imaging.
  • Article - 2 Dec 2019
    Non-destructive testing (NDT) in medical imaging has been revolutionized with advances in information technology, laboratory equipment & techniques like X-ray microscopy.