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  • Article - 30 Dec 2013
    An optical cavity or an optical resonator may be described as an arrangement of mirrors that produce a standing light wave resonator.
  • News - 1 Oct 2007
    Biolase Technology Inc. took the ouch out of dentistry, and now it hopes to put a smile on the face of its investors. The Irvine-based dental laser company is close to completing a major...
  • Equipment
    The finesse pure has been built on the highly popular 532nm finesse platform and encompasses the same range of power levels, but with RMS noise reduced to below 0.03%.
  • Article - 11 Nov 2013
    Optical imaging is a technology which explains the characteristics of infrared, ultraviolet and visible light. ​It is a non-invasive technique which uses non-ionizing radiation in order to...
  • Article - 28 Jun 2013
    Sebastien Blais-Ouellette, CEO and Founder of Photon etc. talks to AZoOptics about Short wavelength infrared camera technology.
  • Article - 26 Jun 2013
    Optical parametric amplification (OPA) may be described as a process of amplifying an input signal in the presence of a higher-frequency pump wave. Apart from signal amplification, an idler wave is...
  • Article - 21 Jun 2013
    Pockels effect explains the influence of an electric field on a non-linear material in causing birefringence or altering the existing birefringence.
  • Article - 21 Jun 2013
    Optical cross phase modulation (XPM) may be described as a non-linear optical process where the wavelength of one light source affects the phase of another wave.
  • Article - 13 Jun 2013
    Optical isolators are optical elements which allow light to propagate in only one direction. The propagation of light in one single direction is required in order to prevent optical back scattering or...
  • Article - 5 Jun 2013
    Optical amplifiers are devices that amplify an optical signal without converting it into an electric signal. Optical amplifiers are of two kinds: laser amplifiers and feedback amplifiers. Laser...