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  • Article - 2 May 2016
    The technological advancements in laser sources and systems has given industrial laser users the benefit of improved quality and more reliable laser processes.
  • Article - 2 Dec 2015
    Gary Wagner, President of Ophir-Spiricon, spoke to AZoOpitcs about how extremely powerful lasers are driving new innovations in manufacturing and the military, the difficulties researchers face when...
  • Article - 3 Sep 2015
    W. Edwards Deming stated “If you can't measure it, you can't control it," and "You cannot inspect quality into the product; it is already there."
  • Article - 15 Jul 2014
    The MS-IR FAST infrared cameras enable spectral signature analysis by splitting the scene signal into eight different spectral bands instead of only one broadband image.
  • Article - 15 Jul 2014
    The FAST-IR Series from Telops consists of the fastest infrared cameras available on the market, making them suitable in the analysis of dynamic events.
  • Article - 15 Jul 2014
    The HD-IR 1280 infrared camera enables analyzing targets or events with the utmost details through the generation of sharp, crisp images.
  • Article - 18 May 2013
    Gallium nitride laser is a type of semiconductor laser. Semiconductor lasers that are based on gallium nitride are often called blue lasers, since they produce wavelengths lying between 360 and 480...
  • Article - 16 May 2013
    Thulium-yttrium aluminum garnet (Tm:YAG) laser is used as a suitable means to produce high power laser emission from the 3F4 – 3F6 transition.
  • Article - 22 Aug 2012
    Raman spectroscopy is a widely used technique that can help identify chemicals or materials by the way in which they scatter light.
  • Article - 30 May 2012
    This article gives an overview of how lasers work and their basic operating principles.