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  • Equipment
    Charon includes a control unit and an integrated high resolution LCD panel. This system allows you to vary the amplitude and phase of optical beams in a simple and fast fashion. Charon is available in...
  • Article - 16 Feb 2008
    Article updated on 03/03/20 by Ben Pilkington Harnessing the work in gravitational microlensing, supercomputer modeling and adaptive optics pioneered at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory...
  • Article - 9 Jan 2008
    Adaptive Optics can be defined as the optical systems that adapt to rectify for optical effects which is presented by the medium between the object and its image.
  • Article - 6 Jan 2008
    Adaptive optics is an efficient but expensive way to correct distortions in laser beams.
  • Supplier Profile
    UpNano is a system provider for high-resolution 3D printing. In addition to the development, production, and manufacturing of printing systems and the corresponding operating software, UpNano offers...
  • News - 13 Jul 2007
    A new sodium laser is giving 50 times more sky coverage to the atmospheric-correcting technology known as adaptive optics on the Keck II telescope at Mauna Kea, Hawaii. The laser lets scientists...
  • News - 15 Dec 2008
    Imagine Optic, Europe’s leading manufacturer of Shack-Hartmann wavefront metrology and adaptive optics solutions is proud to announce that it has delivered unique laser metrology and adaptive...
  • Article - 13 Jan 2022
    This article looks at Furieri, T. et al.'s research paper which analyzes a method to achieve anisoplanatic aberrations in a small optical module that can identify and correct aberrations.
  • Article - 12 Apr 2018
    When there are no nearby stars to use as a reference, lasers are used to generate small bright spots in the sky. These laser guide stars can be used by astronomers with adaptive optics imaging to...
  • Article - 3 Sep 2010
    Andor Technology's vacuum Thermoelectric (TE) cooled CCD and Electron Multiplying CCD (EMCCD) cameras are well suited to a diversity of demanding astronomy applications.