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Spatial Light Moderator -Charon by Adaptica

Charon includes a control unit and an integrated high resolution LCD panel. This system allows you to vary the amplitude and phase of optical beams in a simple and fast fashion. Charon is available in two versions that differ in technology and resolution: 800x600 (transmission LCD), 1920x1280 (LCOS).


Benefits of using the Charon spatial light moderator include:

  • Compact
  • Easy to integrate
  • Amplitude and phase modulation
  • Good image quality


Specifications of the Charon spatial light moderator are as follows:

  • Micro-display based on liquid crystal technology
  • Two models: 800x600, 1920x1280 resolution
  • Electronics embedded in the device, no external driver needed
  • Directly programmable
  • No external PC needed
  • Embedded PC based on Intel ATOM
  • Monitor LCD on request
  • Solid state hard drive


The Charon spatial light moderator can be used for:

  • Spatio-temporal intensity modulation
  • Coherent wavefront modulationli>
  • Coherent wavefront modulation
  • Holographic applications
  • Gratings
  • Interferometry and beam splitting
  • Beam shaping and pulse modulation
  • Phase shifting and optical tweezers
  • Bio-photonics, optical metrology
  • Optical interconnection, switching and encoding
  • Imaging projection and display applications

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