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Membrane Deformable Mirror - Saturn from Adaptica with Push-Pull Technology

Saturn is a true innovation in the field of adaptive optics because it can control and manage image aberrations in a more precise and detailed way than the traditional deformable membrane mirrors.


Benefits of using the Saturn membrane deformable mirror include:

  • New push-pull technology
  • Easy to integrate
  • Compatible with standard 2” mounts
  • Superior flatness at rest
  • High optical power


Main features of the Saturn membrane deformable mirror are:

  • Number of actuators 48 (max 64)
  • Active area diameter 11 mm (custom on request)
  • Minimal focal length: <2.2 m Bidirectional
  • Maximum Stroke: >10 um (typ. 14um) Bidirectional
  • Control voltage: 0 to 250V
  • Coating: Ag, Al, Au
  • Diameter 2"
  • Initial flatness: < 75 nm rms


The Saturn membrane deformable mirror can be used for:

  • Biomedical instruments
  • Microscopy
  • Compensation of aberrating media
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
  • Vision Robotics, 3D imaging
  • Astronomy
  • Surveillance
  • Laser Optimization

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