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Micron-Scale Metallic Marking Grid Could Improve Understanding, Diagnosis of Alzheimer's and Other Diseases

Exotic Form of CO2 Could Affect How Greenhouse Mechanism Works on Venus

As Demand for Fiber Optics Takes Off, Investors Cashes In

BTI Named Third Fastest-Growing Company in Canada in 2007

Konarka Technologies Awarded Advanced Technology Program to Develop Transparent Flexible Solar Modules

For the First Time Scientists Observed So-Called Ferrotoroidic Domains

Holy Grail of the Illumination Industry - A White LED

LED traffic lights - An Economic and Safety Improvement

Outdoor Weathering Stations Being Set Up to Test Solar Modules

Increase in FTTx Projects Likely to Drive Significant Demand for Fiber Optic Testing Equipment

Google Planning a Multi-Terabit Undersea Fiber Optic Cable Across Pacific Ocean

BTI Photonic Received USD $12M in Series D Financing to Support Expansion of New Global Channel Partners

Researchers Discovered Way to Predict Behavior of Unruly Light Waves During Nanoscale Radiation Heat Transfer

Access to Fastest Most Up-To-Date Broadband Internet Service Available to Bangor and Brewer Businesses

Aspheric-Based Eye Treatments Using Laser Technology Revealed Significant Increase in Visual Acuity

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