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Monarc Pro T System: An Advanced Solution for Photoactive Catalyst Studies

Monarc® Pro T from Gatan is an advanced system for optically coupled transmission electron microscopy (TEM) that unveils the structural, optical, and electronic attributes of materials beyond the optical diffraction boundary.


  • Provides the clearest spectra and images of cathodoluminescence (CL): Uses patented mirrors (solid angle up to 7.3 Sr) to provide exceptional light collection and sub-meV energy resolution spectra when used with an aberration-corrected spectrograph.
  • Enables the in-situ detection of photoactive catalyst processes by converting any microscope into an optically couped microscope: Provides uniform light throughout a 150 μm field of vision using an optical system built into a TEM holder.
  • Streamlines the multimodal analysis workflow: Delivers the most effective and efficient workflow for advanced STEM investigations with eaSI technology.

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