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GIF Continuum and Continuum S: Advanced Systems for EELS and EFTEM

The innovative Continuum® series from Gatan represents the forefront of technology in electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) and energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy (EFTEM) systems.

The Continuum series aims to simplify the operation of energy-loss systems without compromising their flexibility or power.

In doing so, the Continuum series unlocks new levels of productivity and data throughput. It also offers outstanding detector quality and speed for both EELS and EFTEM applications thanks to its cutting-edge, exclusive detector systems.

More than ten times higher productivity

  • System tuning is more than 10 times quicker.
  • Delivers over 8000 spectra per second at a duty cycle of over 95%.
  • Offers an efficient and workflow-based user interface.

Revolutionary data quality

  • A low-noise CMOS detector with a high dynamic range
  • Full grain correction in every acquisition mode
  • Improved DQE and MTF derived from new XCRsensor stack technology
  • Exclusive dynamic focus control
  • Select the K3® electron counting direct detector for maximum EELS and EFTEM data quality

Emerging applications

  • Momentum-resolved EELS*
  • Energy-filtered 4D STEM*
  • In-situ EELS and EFTEM*

*These require optional components

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