Ekinops Offers Optical Transport Devices to Carry Video Signals

Hibernia Media, a provider of managed video transport solutions, is utilizing Ekinops’ optical transport devices to carry uncompressed video signals for content providers and broadcasters at the New York City Content Exchange Center (CEC).

Hibernia chose Ekinops’ system because it transports standard-definition and high-definition signals over fiber in a reliable manner. Ekinops has deployed the Ekinops 360 platform, with multiprotocol and video modules, at Hibernia’s CEC. The platform allows transport of dense wavelength division multiplexers and provides numerous channels over one fiber.

The CEC provides a centralized and secure setting for content owners to deliver high-definition, uncompressed content directly to new media distributors, IPTV, satellite, direct broadcast, and cables.

Hibernia, in addition to requiring scalable and cost-efficient transport of video signals, needed encrypted signals to meet the transmission requirement of the customers. Ekinops swiftly implemented the encrypted solution and delivered it in a span of eight weeks.

Hibernia’s President, Del Bothof stated that Ekinops swiftly delivered a HD-SDI transmission solution to meet the requirements of the customer. Ekinops’ VP of Global Marketing, Rob Adams mentioned that the company delivered native encryption by utilizing the programmable Transport on-a-Chip (T-Chip) technology. He added that the T-Chip technology concentrates its transport intelligence into an efficient and compact design that reduces power consumption, footprint, and expenses.

Source: http://www.hiberniamedia.com/

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