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Lens Design Fundamentals, 2nd Edition

Lens Design Fundamentals, 2nd Edition

Lens Design Fundamentals provides the skills and knowledge to develop practical lenses needed for the ever emerging variety of 21st-century applications. Continuing to focus on fundamental methods and procedures of lens design, this revision of a classic modernizes symbology and nomenclature, expands the aberration study to include the transverse and wave forms, enlarges the discussion of three-mirror tilted and decentered systems, and explores modulation transfer function and diffraction-based aberrations in the optimization process.

As computer-based optical design is the rule today, this edition provides practical guidance on how to use a lens design program in general, without tying to a particular software package.

This book is ideal as a textbook for advanced undergraduate or graduate course in lens design principles and as a self-learning tutorial and reference for the practitioner.

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