MGB Endoscopy Announces World's First CMOS HD Endoscopic Camera

After depending on merely adequate standard video camera support for the past 30 years, the field of minimally-invasive endoscopy now has a realtime visual tool to meet all of its demanding requirements.

MGB Endoscopy Co., Ltd., in partnership with AltaSens, Inc., proudly announces the groundbreaking MD-V camera, a high definition (HD) video surgical instrument that delivers high-quality images with high resolution and high sensitivity at a real-time 60-fps frame rate. The MD-V is the world's first HD endoscopy camera based on CMOS sensor technology, and it meets all practical and regulatory requirements.

Meticulously designed by MGB Endoscopy to satisfy the most stringent medical regulations, the MD-V can be deployed in even the most sterile operating rooms. The instrument head is fully qualified to sustain repeated sterilization cycles using disinfectant solutions and steam sterilization.

And, while many existing endoscopic cameras use expensive 3-CCD camera heads that deliver only 300-kilopixel resolution with interlacing artifacts, the MD-V camera is at the forefront of the HD revolution with its megapixel-class resolution and progressive frame delivery in a convenient 1/3-inch optical format.

The pioneering MD-V camera fully leverages AltaSens' ProCamHD 2462 imaging System-on-Chip (iSoC) sensor, including its full video resolution of 1280 (H) x 720 (V) pixels, integrated 12-bit A-to-D conversion, and low-noise delivery of the full HD video via its patented Tapered-Reset technology. For the convenience of hospitals with different requirements, the camera supports HDMI, SDI, Composite, and Y/C output formats.

"I am confident that discriminating medical specialists will be extremely pleased with the excellent performance and superb image clarity of our affordable new MD-V camera," noted Mr. Song, CEO of MGB Endoscopy. "We believe that the convergence of AltaSens' proven HD CMOS imaging sensor technology with MGB Endoscopy's camera design expertise and the unfulfilled demand for high-quality HD endoscopy will enable the medical community to make a significant leap forward."

"The acceptance of AltaSens' ProCamHD technology in the medical community is a testimony to the success of our ongoing effort to insert AltaSens quality and technology into emerging highvalue markets that, until now, were only casually supported by commodity sensor manufacturers. We believe this effort is critical to advancing quality of life all over the world," added Les Kozlowski, CTO and founder of AltaSens.

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