GeoSmart and Innovative Air Solutions Collaborate to Bring Innovative Solar Products to Canadian Market

GeoSmart Energy, the most experienced and respected name in geothermal, is further diversifying its renewable energy product line to include solar energy options thanks to a formal partnership with green energy solutions provider Innovative Air Solutions Inc.

The agreement between the two Canadian companies will soon give homeowners in Ontario, and ultimately across Canada, access to the latest solar technology available on the market today.

"GeoSmart Energy has earned a reputation for offering consumer-oriented products that are cost-effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly," says Chad Brezynskie, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, GeoSmart Energy. "Aligned with our company's strategic business plan, this partnership with Innovative Air Solutions further solidifies our commitment to deliver innovative product offerings while expanding renewable energy options for residential projects."

Innovative Air Solutions will private label GeoSmart's Solar Harmony product line that will be offered to GeoSmart's extensive network of 300+ dealers across Canada to reach the residential market. GeoSmart Energy will also utilize its state-of-the-art training academy to provide its dealers, interested homeowners and industry stakeholders with leading training and hands on knowledge sharing.

"This is a win-win situation for both companies," says Geoffrey Smith, CEO, Innovative Air Solutions, whose company recently acquired a 10,000 square foot facility just up the road from GeoSmart's corporate head office and distribution facility in Cambridge. "GeoSmart Energy's growing dealer network, training acumen and considerable experience in renewable energy make them an ideal partner to help get our solar energy products to market while also meeting their desire to offer homeowners more diversified green energy solutions."

Solar energy converts sunlight to electricity using photovoltaic (PV) solar cells and can be used to generate heat, electricity, lighting and mechanical power.

Innovative Air Solutions' solar power system consists of thin film PV solar panels and an inverter. Unlike conventional solar power systems, the attractive GeoSmart Solar Harmony Thin Film panels flush mount to the roof, maximize available space, and continue to generate solar energy, even in partially shaded conditions, thanks to their cutting edge massive parallel configuration. Given their capacity to capture indirect sunlight, the system's thin film solar panels offer the latest in solar technology, generating a 10-20% higher energy yield than the more traditional mono-crystalline panels. The roof becomes a virtual power plant, harvesting energy from the sun. Leveraging extra low voltage (ELV) inverter technology, the GeoSmart Solar Harmony Inverter boosts performance and sets a new benchmark for system safety. It is among the few inverters available today that can withstand temperatures as low as -40C.

"The innovative massive parallel design of our Solar Harmony power system is not too unlike the parallel underground geothermal loop design used with our geothermal installations. It's an approach that works effectively in both applications," says Brezynskie. "This is a system that has tremendous potential for a homeowner's return on investment."

Under Ontario's microFIT (Feed-In Tariff) program, homeowners are paid a guaranteed price ($0.802) for all the electricity their renewable electricity generation project (10 kilowatts or less) produces over a 20-year period.

Beattie Family Farm owner Ken Beattie has already come to appreciate the benefits of solar energy at his 2,500 acre farm in Alliston where his family has been harvesting potatoes for five generations. "We have always been respectful of the environment and our equipment and that respect has yielded a strong harvest," notes Ken. "The solar PV equipment selected by GeoSmart Energy is the same equipment we depend on for the strongest solar harvest and the highest returns with little or no maintenance of our 20 year microFIT contract."

GeoSmart Energy dealer Jason Grieb, whose company Advanced Geo-Thermal Systems Inc. installed the solar system at the Beattie Family Farm notes that Ontario's feed-in tariff program makes this province an ideal launching pad for the GeoSmart/Innovative Air Solutions solar partnership. "There's no better time for GeoSmart dealers in Ontario to expand their product offerings to include solar energy options than now," says Jason. "It's a great opportunity to grow your business while meeting consumer demand for green energy alternatives."

GeoSmart's Solar Harmony and Renewable Power Systems beautifully dovetails with the company's longstanding belief that it's not just selling a product, but rather a 'system' supported by a customer first mentality, a comprehensive education and training program, a savvy and knowledgeable network of specialists and a highly trained team of installers. Reflecting the same approach it has taken with its line of geothermal products, everything the homeowner needs to generate solar power is offered in one complete package.

"We're delighted to be the first to bring this leading edge solar product line to market backed by a team of well-educated and knowledgeable dealers and installers," says Brezynskie.


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