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DuPont to License its Vertak Bonding Display Technology to Ocular

DuPont Display Enhancements, Inc., and Ocular®, announced a licensing agreement through which DuPont Display Enhancements will license its DuPont™ Vertak™ direct bonding display technology to Ocular® for the optical enhancement of a variety of touch panel and other display products.

DuPont™ Vertak® Bonded Display

DuPont™ Vertak™ bonding display technology has provided customers with improved display performance resulting in some of the most aesthetically pleasing and sunlight readable displays available on the market.

Ocular® designs and manufactures industrial projected capacitive touch panels and display products for advanced human interface and display applications including point-of-sale, medical, home/office automation, industrial controls and other applications that require the ability to operate in challenging environmental conditions. Now, through its licensing agreement with DuPont Display Enhancements, Ocular® can use the DuPont™ Vertak™ display technology to further enhance the optical performance and durability of its already industry-leading projected capacitive touch panel and display products by improving their sunlight readability by up to 400 percent and their impact and scratch resistance by up to 300 percent.

“We are thrilled to license Vertak™ bonding display technology to Ocular®,” said William S. Bandel, global business manager -- DuPont Display Enhancements. “As a market leader in projected capacitive touch panel products, Ocular® is now providing state-of-the-art optically bonded products and services to customers requiring advanced display solutions.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Ocular® engineers have been trained on DuPont™ Vertak™ display panels manufacturing technology and direct bonding techniques at the DuPont Display Enhancement’s facility in Shenzhen, China.

“DuPont Display Enhancements is at the leading edge of optical bonding technology,” said Phil Spivey, president and chief executive officer -- Ocular®. “We believe that the combination of DuPont Display Enhancement’s direct bonding technology and Ocular’s expertise in projected capacitive touch panel products creates a unique advantage for our customers.”

DuPont Display Enhancements has been driving advancements in optical bonding for displays for over 10 years. With extensive experience in the development, manufacture, sale, licensing and support of display enhancement solutions, DuPont Display Enhancements has enabled displays to be used across a wide variety of applications.

DuPont Display Enhancements licenses its industry-leading Vertak™ bonding display technology to display manufacturers who are looking to launch new bonding operations.

DuPont provides a technology transfer package to licensees, which can include consulting, planning, integration of bonding capabilities into existing production facilities, project management, training and service support. DuPont also supplies its high performance Vertak™ bonding adhesive to licensees.

Ocular®, headquartered in Richardson, Texas, is a leading supplier of industrial touch panels and display products to the embedded technology industry. Ocular’s innovative technologies enable equipment manufacturers to quickly bring to market product solutions with leading-edge, touch-enabled display capabilities. In addition to its products, Ocular’s extensive knowledge and 20 years of experience allow it to work closely with manufacturers to design display capabilities that meet the unique requirements of their applications, including the demands of extreme environments. Ocular’s product realization services can combine customized display and multi-touch products into a fully integrated and tested turnkey product.


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