OIDA formed Community of Interest Group to Focus on Silicon Photonics Activities

The Optoelectronics Industry Development Association (OIDA) has formed the Silicon Photonics Alliance (SPA), a Community of Interest (COI) group within OIDA to focus on market and business issues for its members engaged in silicon photonics activities.

Dedicated to raising the profile of Silicon Photonics, members of this newly formed COI will participate in forums and work to identify key applications areas. The group will also collaborate to promote silicon photonics within the optical standards bodies to assure interoperability among vendors. New member Luxtera joins Corning, Kotura, Molex, Translucent and US Conec as the founding members of the SPA. Luxtera's Tom Palkert has been selected to head the group.

The formal launch of the Silicon Photonics Alliance will occur September 11-12 in conjunction with OIDA's 'Perspectives on the Optoelectronics Industry: Advances, Challenges and Growth Opportunities' Forum in San Jose, California.

"We are proud to be leading OIDA's Silicon Photonics Alliance COI," said Palkert. "Our primary objectives will be to educate the industry about the benefits that silicon photonics brings versus traditional optical solutions. We will work together to promote silicon photonics in the standards bodies, and accelerate commercial products based on this exciting new technology."

"We have grown to unprecedented levels with an extremely diverse membership, and we are excited to be working with Luxtera and the other members to introduce this Community of Interest," said David Huff, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing of OIDA. "Luxtera's achievements in silicon photonics are outstanding and an excellent example of the types of high-quality companies involved with OIDA. We anticipate that this new Alliance will help further promote and increase the market adoption of silicon photonics technology."

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