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Insight Media Expects 3D Market to Reach 40 Million 3D-Capable Displays by 2014

Insight Media, the recognized leader in Emerging Display Technology Market Research, says that the stereoscopic 3D market is poised to grow from a handful of 3D-capable displays and a few thousand gamers, to an expected worldwide market of over 40 million 3D-capable displays by 2014. The results were published in Insight Media’s groundbreaking 2009 Stereoscopic 3D Gaming Report: A Comprehensive Analysis of S-3D Technology for Gaming.

“We have spent considerable time on our forecasting methodology and believe we have created something that is truly groundbreaking,” noted Chris Chinnock, President of Insight Media. “Our forecast approach is unique in its transparency; we provide all of the underlying assumptions and details that went into creating the forecast. After reviewing our forecast methodology, one of the leading display makers in the world called it, ‘the most compelling forecast methodology we have ever seen.’”

For the report, Expected, Optimistic and Conservative forecasts were created for 3D-capable displays, with a second forecast that estimates how many of these displays are used by gamers. Forecasts for each of the following were created:

  • Monitors; x-pol, LCD Page Flipping, Two Panel and Active Retarder
  • Laptops; x-pol, LCD Page Flipping, OLED Page Flipping, LCD Active Retarder and LCD Autostereoscopic
  • Televisions; x-pol, LCD Page Flipping, PDP Page Flipping, OLED Page Flipping, Active Retarder and DLP RPTV Page Flipping.
  • Projectors; Page Flipping (DLP, 3LCD and LCOS).

“We have played Stereoscopic 3D games for hundreds of hours and can report that the latest technology does not result in eye strain or fatigue,” noted Dale H. Maunu, lead analyst on the report. “Our experience leads us to believe that S-3D gaming is more immersive and compelling than traditional gaming on a 2D screen, and it will help drive 3D adoption.”

The 2009 Stereoscopic 3D Gaming Report provides a thorough analysis of all aspects of 3D gaming and 3D display infrastructure. In addition to the forecasts, results of testing 24 3D games on three different 3D monitors are included in the 330-page report.


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