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China's Analyzing Projector Market Development in 2009, one of China's leading B2B search platforms with more than 30 B2B industry websites to its name, analyzes China's projector market development in 2009.

The State's investment in education efforts that have increased year after year since 2000 has meant that schools across China now have one or two projectors/audio visual equipment. This has obviously resulted in the education industry increasing demand for projectors. It is expected that in the next 3-5 years, the field of education will continue to maintain strong demand; China's education market is still the projector industry's largest market.

2009 projector market has both opportunities and challenges

China's projector market since 2000 has maintained a good momentum of development; market demand annual growth rate has kept at above 40 percent or more to the end of 2008, and the market has maintained about 1.5 million units. From the sales analysis, education and businesses are still the two main directions for the projector market. And the education market is growing to become the largest market for projectors. According to Himfr's statistics, data shows that at present, the education projector market share represents about 55 percent, while the commercial projectors will occupy about 35 percent of the market share. Bars, KTV venues and home markets, affected by user habits and use of environmental constraints, account for only about 10 percent. In 2009, with China's education modernization progressing, the projector penetration in colleges and universities reached 30 percent, compared with 2008 an increase of six times. This undoubtedly becomes the best potential market.

A crisis: in 2009 the factors restricting the projector industry's development

The domestic projector market has maintained rapid growth momentum, the market a new level every year. Even in 2008, under the background of the decline in the education market and as businesses were hit by the financial crisis, the domestic projector market gained more than 20 percent of the market growth rate, and sales reach 570 thousand units. However, under the influence of the global financial crisis, the projector industry is with more unknowns. Under the influence of various unfavourable factors, the projector industry faces new development opportunities in 2009, and has shown an unprecedented new rule of development.

The projector industry, the continuous decline in the profit level will further deepen the financial crisis on the projector industry, especially small and medium brands and channels of business impact. According to Himfr, statistics show that in 2007 the projector market had a domestic average selling price of a single product of more than 10,000 yuan, while the 2008 average price of domestic projector products reduced to less than 8,000 yuan, a single product price drop of around 2,500 yuan. The domestic industry sales growth has stagnated projector sales and is already troubled by the projector industry. The I2007 saw less than 3 percent growth compared with 2006 sales in the domestic market; and in 2008 compared with 2007 projector market sales grew by less than 1 percent. During the three-year period, the projector industry market sold 380,000 units increased the number of 570,000 units. In 2008, the projector market had a price reduction rate of 23 percent, while in 2007 the average price changed in the projector market to only 13 percent. The projectors market will see profitable fluctuations in 2009.

Opportunities: in 2009 the market growth projection

Throughout mid-2008 to now, this is a very complex period; the financial tsunami has engulfed global assets, China's four trillion investment plan was issued and so on. These are all brought the projector industry a small effect. In 2008, the business market was affected by the financial crisis, the domestic projector market is still has about a 20 percent growth, sales volume reached 57 million units, which marks that the projector industry remains healthy.


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