Imagine Optics Release Revise Version of Flagship Wavefront Analysis Software

Imagine Optic is proud to announce the arrival of the latest addition to its award winning HASO™ wavefront sensor product line, HASO3, a completely revised version of its flagship wavefront analysis software, HASOv3, and the all new StitchWave™ for reconstructing multiple wavefronts obtained when measuring large surfaces. The company equally plans to release two new adaptive optics software packages, CASAO™ and GENAO™, in the first quarter of 2007.

“HASO3 is a natural evolution of the HASO product line that has set the standard for wavefront sensor accuracy, dynamic range and versatility for nearly ten years” said Xavier Levecq, Vice-President, cofounder and Chief Research Officer. He continues by saying “As the applications for precision wavefront metrology continue to broaden, this latest generation of sensors was designed to meet industry needs for ultimate accuracy coupled with wide dynamic range that only Imagine Optic provides.”

Today, Imagine Optic is the only company in the world that offers wavefront sensors that span the spectrum from near infrared through visible light and on to extreme ultraviolet wavelengths. The company’s patented and proprietary technologies, including Rotated Square™, Dynamic Spot Tracking™ and Auto Spot Finder™, that enable HASO sensors to overcome the boundaries that impede other manufacturers, play an enormous part in ensuring continued customer satisfaction.

HASOv3, the completely revamped software companion tool for HASO wavefront sensors, provides rich features not found in other products with a user-friendly interface that allows each user to customize their experience with the products to their own unique needs. Even more, HASOv3 enables users to remote-control their wavefront sensors via Ethernet or WiFi.

StitchWave™ allows users to measure large surfaces that were, until now, impossible to measure with wavefront precision but allowing users to measure the surface at defined intervals and to stitch together the whole wavefront as it would be measured by a single wavefront sensor. For the first time, customers can measure extended surfaces like those found in large diameter optics and aspheric components with standard wavefront sensor technology.

For its adaptive optics customers, the company developed CASAO to facilitate the precise control of open or closed adaptive optics loops. Slated for release in mid-February, CASAO is ideally suited for use with HASO sensors and a variety of wavefront correction technologies, including the patented mirao™ 52-d Electromagnetic Deformable Mirror that is manufactured by Imagine Eyes and distributed by Imagine Optic. CASAO incorporates particularly interesting security features for active components, notably deformable mirrors, which prevent damage to laser facilities that can be caused by high-energy hot-spots generated by incorrect usage of wavefront data.

The company is equally preparing to launch a revolutionary new product called GENAO this spring. GENAO is an iterative adaptive optics software tool that uses genetic algorithms to control wavefront correction technologies in situations where a wavefront sensor can not be used. The product provides exceptional performance, offering convergence speeds 5 to 10 times faster than those obtained with classic genetic algorithms.

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