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AUO Showcases World's Largest 65" 3D Display and eBook for First Time

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) today announced it will exhibit a series of advanced technologies at Display Taiwan 2009 (June 10-12 in Taipei, Taiwan), including the world's largest (*) 65-inch 3D display, enabled with 12 views, and the world's thinnest (*) VA 3-inch touch panel. Under the theme of "Connected to Digital Evolution" AUO will showcase its latest innovative technologies, aiming to create a new wave of viewing enjoyment while enriching people's digital lifestyles.

"Our R&D for large-sized LCD displays will be guided by two principles: 1. A commitment to eco-friendliness based on "AUO Green Solutions" initiative. We leverage the core concept of green panels in order to provide our customers a total green solution that meets their respective needs. 2. The pursuit of superior picture performance: we introduced 240Hz super fast response time technology to ensure superbly smooth picture performance. As for still motion, we provide super full high definition and 3D display technologies, bringing astounding visual effects that are real to life," said Dr. B.D. Liu, Vice President of AUO Technology Center, "This year AUO's theme is 'Connected to Digital Evolution,' and so we are striving to provide our customers with innovative consumer display technologies that will lead future digital lifestyles trends, such as 3D, touch function and eBook."

3D Displays

Leveraging its cutting-edge R&D strengths in 3D display technology, AUO is to exhibit full-array, glasses-free 3D displays, including 4.3-inch, 8-inch, 17-inch and 65-inch models that are based on different types of technology. Among them, the world's largest 65-inch 3D display is enabled with 12 views and is based on a barrier type technology that creates a stereoscopic effect by creating a distance discrepancy between the human's left and right eye. Furthermore, its brightness is greatly enhanced by 140% by AUO's 3D backlight design. With its super large-size 3D effects, it can be utilized in public information display applications for commercial, home entertainment and education purposes, which would allow consumers to have a whole new virtual- reality experience.

The 17-inch 3D display is also based on barrier type technology and with improvements by AUO, the brightness of the display was increased by 60% while using the same backlight structure, significantly reducing the brightness problem commonly found in barrier type 3D displays. In addition, the 4.3-inch model is based on a lenticular lens with higher brightness, which is able to reach 800 nits under 3D mode. The 4.3-inch and 8-inch 3D panels are able to simultaneously deliver 2D/3D viewing, providing more diversified applications for portable game devices, digital photo frames and other small- and medium-sized displays.

240Hz Super Fast Response Time Technology

AUO will for the first time exhibit its 52-inch Full HD LCD TV with built-in 240Hz super fast response time technology in Taiwan, showcasing its cutting-edge technology in this area which not by using the traditional approach of combing a 120Hz signal with a scanning backlight or black frame insertion. Instead, AUO's 240Hz high response time technology transmits 240 signals per second, significantly resolving motion blur problems and acting as a symbol of AUO's ongoing capability to develop advanced, innovative technology.

In-Cell Multi-Touch Panels

AUO will also exhibit 4.3-inch to 12.1-inch in-cell multi-touch panels at the exhibition, showcasing its deep strength in integrated touch technology. Both Charge Sensing and Voltage Sensing in-cell multi-touch technologies, developed by AUO, are now in the mass production phase. These technologies provide better transmittance, better anti-glare performance, and better optical features to retain proper image color saturation and readability even under bright sunlight. The 3-inch VA LTPS touch panel is empowered by a high- definition VGA (640 x 480) signal and is only 2.7mm thick, making it the world's thinnest 3-inch touch panel. In addition, AUO's in-cell multi-touch panels also include sizes in 2.3-inch, 3.53-inch and 5-inch.

Worldwide Debut of AUO eBook

As e-paper displays become hotter than ever, it is expected that e-paper technology will have a major impact on the traditional printing and publishing industries, prompting them to jump into the digital content market more quickly and in more expansive ways. Especially notable are the e-paper's paper-like readability, low power consumption, light weight, portability, and ease of changing contents. Applications for the e-paper are also expected to extend to E-magazines, E-books, E-textbooks, E-labels and E-tags, and to add color, make the screens more flexible, and add touch functionality. AUO has been actively developing its e-paper business for years. At Display Taiwan 2009, AUO will mark the worldwide debut of its 6-inch touch function eBook empowered by Sipix's exclusive Microcup(R) technology, which equips the device with 800X600 high-definition screens, 16 gray levels, high contrast ratio and high reflectance, making it a perfect reading device even for long durations of use. The eBook is an eco-friendly product with stable quality picture performance and only consumes power when updating images. This cost-competitive technology is able to meet clients' customized needs in all sizes and is expected to enter mass production this year.

"We are very optimistic about the potential of e-paper displays. They will fundamentally change people's lifestyles across all sectors," said Dr. C.T. Liu, Senior VP & GM of Consumer Product Display Business Group of AUO. "E- paper technology will provide a paperless eco-lifestyle to consumers, enable businesspeople to acquire information in faster, more portable and convenient ways, allow students to enjoy easy "light" learning, as well as help store managers to reduce cost thru e-labels. We foresee a paperless era just around the corner."

AUO anticipates four major future trends for mobile technology applications: in-cell multi-touch, high contrast/VA, ultra-slim chic design and low power consumption. AUO will thus showcase various innovative mobile technologies for the first time in Taiwan, including the world's first(*) 8.9-inch curved display, a 2.2 borderless panel, the world's first(*) QVGA 2.8-inch image/fingerprint scanner, and the world's thinnest(*) 0.56mm 1.9-inch panel for mobile phones. AUO cordially invites you to experience its dynamics to display revolution at Display Taiwan 2009.

AUO 6-inch touch function eBook picture can be downloaded from AUO's corporate website URL:

Any use of photographs must cite the source thereof is from AU Optronics Corporation.

* Based on available market research information as of June 4, 2009.

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