OSTAR LEDs Provide Considerable Increase in Luminous Efficacy

More than 30% gain - the new high-output OSTAR Lighting LED in the standard lens version provides a considerable increase in luminous efficacy.

The LED is equipped with four or six series-connected chips and now has a hexagonal shape that allows for high packing densities. At 420 lumen from an operating current of 700 mA, the six-chip version with lens is brighter than a 20 W low-voltage halogen lamp. LEDs are therefore now suitable for use in more and more general lighting applications. For example, they can provide enough light now for a desk lamp.

This white high-output light source will be available with either four or six chips. Its hexagonal shape enables more LEDs to be linked together into space-saving high-intensity packages. A specially developed hemispherical lens is part of the standard equipment. This lens improves the efficiency with which light is emitted without affecting the beam characteristics. Basic versions without lenses are available for customer-specific optics.

The six-chip versions of these high-output LEDs produce 420 lumen with a lens and 300 lumen without a lens, in each case at an operating current of 700 mA and an output of 15 W. The four-chip version produces 280 lumen with the lens and 200 lumen without the lens, in each case at an operating current of 700 mA and an output of 10 W. The OSTAR LED has such a high output thanks to its successful thin-film technology that ensures that all the light produced internally is emitted at the top. The white light colour is constant from every viewing angle and comes from colour conversion based on the chip coating method. The yellow converter is located directly on the blue chip.

With its high luminous intensity the new OSTAR Lighting LED is ideal for a wide variety of applications in general lighting, including individual workplace lighting, reading lights and car interiors. It is also ideal as a rapid flashing light for effect lighting or stroboscopes because this mode of operation does not shorten its life. With so many different options each offering high brightness, these LEDs can be used in numerous applications that up to now have been open only to conventional light sources.


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