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Alfalight Announces Availability of Wavelength-Stabilized 0.65 W Pump Diode Laser

Alfalight, Inc., a leading supplier of highly efficient high-power diode lasers, announced today the availability of a wavelength-stabilized 0.65 W, 808 nm single-emitter pump diode laser packaged on a small form factor 3-mm Q-mount. The device extends the proven benefits of Alfalight's Wavelength Stabilization Technology (WST) to high-efficiency, temperature-stable DPSS micro-laser applications such as pico-projector and laser display systems. The proprietary WST technology uses an integrated grating on the laser chip, providing a pump wavelength locked on the narrow absorption band of the micro-laser gain medium without the need for power-hungry temperature control circuitry. Since the WST pump laser has an efficiency matching standard pump technology, Alfalight brings a superior pumping solution to the micro-laser market, boosting power efficiency and stability for both existing and new micro-laser designs. Moreover, operation and packaging are identical to a standard laser diode, simplifying design transitions for customers.

"By scaling down the emitter size of our highly successful, high-power WST diodes, Alfalight now provides a pivotal pumping solution that immediately impacts the expansive opportunity for micro-laser suppliers to the consumer projection and display market," said Ron Bechtold, vice president, Sales and Marketing. "Customers can now utilize Alfalight 808 nm wavelength-stabilized technology to improve performance, while extending both the operating temperature range and the battery life of micro-green lasers."

Due to an improved absorption in the solid-state laser material, WST diodes can provide a significant increase in performance for existing micro-laser designs. Additional gains can be made in new designs, as one can maintain performance over a broad temperature range without temperature control circuitry. Specifically, WST provides significantly higher absorption in Nd:YAG and Nd:YVO4 micro-lasers -- the peak absorption coefficient is more than 80% higher than for standard BAL -- as the pump laser wavelength stays locked on the absorption peak of the gain material from 25°C to 45°C. By adding a frequency-doubling technology, these micro-lasers are converted to efficient green laser light sources. For DPSS laser applications, this also means lower modal noise, since the grating stabilizes the modal content of the pump diode. For green laser applications, the output power stability is enhanced because the absorption of the pump beam is less dependent on temperature than for standard BAL.

Samples are available now of the XMQ-808BW-48-061 wavelength-stabilized 0.65 W, 808 nm single emitter pump diode laser packaged on a 3x4x1 mm Q-mount. Pricing is available on request. Customizations in wavelength and power (from 0.5 W to 5 W) are also available. For information about Alfalight's high-power laser diode pump sources, please contact Anthony Bisco at [email protected] or +1-608-240-4826.

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