360Brandvision Introduces 3D Video Holograms in 360 Degrees

You have to see it to believe it. Advertisers have been dreaming about three-dimensional video for half a century and marketing pundits have been predicting its coming for years. The applications for this technology are virtually limitless, but one thing is certain holographic technology grabs the attention of those that see it. 360BrandVision(TM) currently offers the only systems in the world that can display suspended holograms that can be seen 360 degrees and in any lighting environment for live events and entertainment.

360BrandVision - Cheoptics360

On CNN election night "What people saw was the illusion of a life-size, video hologram that was created using post-production special effects. HD cameras and video software can be used to convincingly create a hologram that can be seen on television monitors, but not in real life", said Aaron Adjemian, 360BrandVision's VP of marketing. "360BrandVision's revolutionary Cheoptics360™ display systems actually let you create the illusion of 3D holographic video images suspended in midair."

The Cheoptics™ systems vary in size for every application from 2ft x 2ft kiosk to as large as 15ft x15ft. The best part of Cheoptics™ is that you can see free-floating video images from 360 degree angles. It can either be filmed content or computer generated content, such as holographic speakers, advertisements, sponsored celebrities, animated content, visual effects, etc.

Nick Vilardell, VP of business development and co-founder of 360BrandVision™ said, "The applications are so wide-ranging that we know we are just at the tip of the iceberg with this technology - It is just a matter of time before we are able to project true 3D holograms… it is going to change our world."

First introduced in Europe, viZoo™ technology has been used by a number of advertisers including Lexus, Vodafone, Heineken, Plantronics, and Adidas. Clients using this technology have seen it make quite an impression. The company is already finding other applications for the technology from education, medical, military as well as entertainment.

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