Leica M525 OH4 Offers New Dimensions in Ergonomics, Maneuverability and Safety

The Leica M525 OH4 offers the highest overhead space, 36% more space than comparable instruments, and the longest reach to provide considerably more room for the surgeon and the entire operating team to maneuver. The Leica M525 OH4 also features precise, harmoniously balanced, and extremely smooth movement. The system is vibration-free at all magnification levels.

The Leica M525 OH4 features a long video monitor arm that offers unique flexibility with its three rotating axes and an inclination axis that can be positioned to provide comfortable viewing for the entire surgical team.

The Leica M525 OH4 ideally combines Leica OptiChrome™ optics and the new 300 Watt xenon illumination system to give the surgeon a constant, clear, sharply-focused image throughout the entire surgical procedure.

The Leica M525 OH4 proactively offers innovative illumination solutions for the benefit of the surgeon and the safety of the patient.

Constant illumination: The newly designed 300W xenon arc-lamp illumination system features two completely independent illumination systems, which provide increased light output, improved re­liability, and innovative heat control. The backup 300W xenon illlumination system automatically and immediately switches on in the event of the first lamp system's failure. This gives the surgeon real confidence in knowing that the surgery will not be jeopardized by a lamp failure.

Light intensity within safe levels, always, with Leica BrightCare™ : The Leica M525 OH4's new working-distance-controlled light intensity ensures that the light intensity does not surpass safe levels, especially in short working distances. Although the surgeon can manually override this feature at any time, the system gives a warning each time an override is requested.

Safety for the patient, with Leica AutoIris™ : The magnification-controlled illumination diameter provides a field of illumination that is just as wide as the field of view. This prevents potential heating of the surrounding tissue outside of the surgeon's field of observation. The system gives a warning signal as well, if this function is overridden manually.

Tiltable binocular tubes and excellent ergonomics bring the surgeon closer to the surgical site while providing a more comfortable, healthier working posture. The stable, anti-slip handles on the Leica M525 OH4 are exactly where the surgeon needs them. Leica Microsystems has adopted a policy of Leica OpenArchitecture™ to accommodate advances in video, documentation, and image processing technology. Leica's microscope systems easily adapt to the latest standards.


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