Coherent Announces New Optical Engine for Laser Crystallization

Coherent Inc. has announced that it started shipment of the LAMBDA SX 315C excimer laser which is designed to dramatically reduce costs while increasing both yield and throughput in flat panel display (FPD) manufacturing.

  The new LAMBDA SX 315C laser is optimized for low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) crystallization used in FPD manufacturing. The system's high throughput is a result of the laser's unique combination of high pulse energy (up to 1050 mJ) and superior pulse energy stability (0.5%). The laser's proprietary PowerLokTM and TimeLokTM technologies ensure this stable laser performance under all conditions.

The market of LTPS based high-performance displays, such liquid crystal displays (LCD), active-matrix organic light-emitting displays (AM OLED) or system on-glass (SOP) displays is rapidly growing. Display manufacturers rely on proven laser-based re-crystallization technologies, such as Excimer Laser Annealing (ELA) and Sequential Lateral Solidification (SLS).  The new LAMBDA SX 315C laser is now the optimum laser for both methods, delivering key benefits to FPD manufacturers, including:

  • Achieving high and uniform mobility levels to minimize threshold voltage (Vth) variations of thin-film transistors (TFTs), enabling AM OLED mass production.
  • Improved production yield through superior laser performance and control.
  • Longer component lifetimes resulting in a 20% reduction in cost of ownership
  • Predictive maintenance with real-time internet protocol (IP) e-diagnostics.

Rainer Paetzel, Director of Marketing for Coherent commented on the improved performance during the 8th Annual DisplaySearch US FPD Conference in San Diego, "We now combine the laser that delivers the ultimate stability and our advanced optical systems to provide the 'Superior Optical Engine' that meets the demands on high uniformity laser crystallization of LTPS for OLED applications. During development and design of the LAMBDA SX series, our focus was to reach a perfect match between laser and optics and to achieve high system uptime, exceptional stability and durability for low-cost industrial operation."

The LAMBDA SX 315C is the first in a new generation of high-energy industrial excimer lasers. Designed primarily for the FPD market, the high average power (315 W stabilized) of the LAMBDA SX 315C is ideal for micromachining and packaging applications in microelectronics. Examples include laser direct patterning of flex circuits and laser lift-off.Availability:  Shipment of the LAMBDA SX 315C started in January 2006.

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