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ArmD® NIR-Ge Fiber Optic Bundle Pioneering Innovation

At Armadillo, innovation is not just a buzzword. It’s Armadillo's commitment to pushing boundaries and advancing technologies. Armadillo prides themselves on their capability to manufacture intricate optic fiber bundles that meet the most demanding specifications. This time their expertise was put to the test when Armadillo collaborated with a pioneering research team delving into the microscale analysis of turbid materials. Armadillo fibers were used to ensure this research shows accurate results.

Image Credit: Armadillo

The research, detailed in an insightful paper, “Advanced portable micro-SORS prototype coupled with SERDS for heritage science” dives into the depths of scientific inquiry with an innovative approach. The study aimed to investigate the molecular composition of inner portions of optically turbid samples non-invasively. To achieve this, the team utilized a portable prototype device, optimized for applications in heritage science, that combined micro-SORS with SERDS.

Armadillo's very own ArmD® NIR-Ge optic fiber played a significant role in this research. The bundle, comprising 30 different fibers intricately woven together, demonstrates the advanced capabilities of their fiber optic solutions. As highlighted in the research, Armadillo's custom fiber bundle, was utilized to project the offset spectra on the y-axis of the CCD. This innovative implementation allowed for the simultaneous acquisition of multiple spatially set spectra, including the zero offset, without the need for moving components. Such integration proved key in making the micro-SORS measurements robust and easily deployable in a portable platform.

Fiber Specification:

  • NIR-Ge 62.5 / 75 / 83 P
  • Pure fused silica core
  • Fluorine doped fused silica cladding
  • NA: 0.37
  • All ends polished to 0.3 µm specification.

Min. bend. radius per fiber (short term): 4 mm;
min. bend. radius per fiber (long term): 12 mm.

The synergy between micro-SORS and SERDS, facilitated by Armadillo's fiber optic bundle, allowed the research team to conduct microscale layer analysis with unparalleled precision. By simultaneously collecting multiple spectra through Armadillo's optical fiber bundle, the dead time was minimized. By providing cutting-edge solutions like the fiber, Armadillo empowers researchers to push the boundaries of scientific inquiry.


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