Explore New Innovations with Dahua Full-Color Camera

Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, has been accelerating the innovation and exploration of Full-color Technology.

Inadequate availability of light is one of the major challenges of every monitoring system. Images taken under such lighting condition are often not clear, have detail loss, and even contain noise, making it difficult to detect or trace back targets in case of an event. The Dahua Full-color cameras were developed to address these demanding monitoring challenges. With remarkable offerings such as dual lens, vari-focal lens, 4K resolution, and AI features, this technology offers a wide-range of products and solutions that can effectively solve the arduous monitoring pain points of end-users and provide clear and vivid images of the monitored scene 24/7. (Photo: Business Wire)

Featuring TiOC, Panoramic, Zoom and 4K, the new generation of Dahua full-color series provides a wide range of low-light solutions that integrate different intelligent technologies to solve pain points in various scenarios, allowing installers and end users to choose the ideal solution that best suits their needs.

Full-color + TiOC: Effective Deterrent Against Intruders

The Dahua TiOC (three-in-one camera) integrates Smart Dual Illuminators, Active Deterrence, and AI to offer a pro-active monitoring solution that can effectively warn off intruders. The combination of Dahua’s industry-leading full-color technology with powerful AI functions and real-time Active Deterrence warnings makes it suitable for places that require 24/7 security, such as villas, shops, warehouses, etc., helping to reduce false alarm rates, improve target search efficiency, generally optimize system operation, and reduce costs.

Full-color + Panoramic: The Whole Scene in Vivid Color

The Dahua Full-color Dual Lens 180° Panoramic PTZ & IPC are equipped with dual sensors that deliver a 180-degree field of view. It adopts the Dahua pixel-level seamless fusion algorithm to splice images into horizontal 180° monitoring scene, providing users with brilliant full-color and panoramic images. Featuring wide-area coverage, it is an excellent alternative to daunting installation of multiple cameras just to cover a large scene. Thanks to Full-color Technology, the intelligent panoramic camera can provide clear color images even at night, which is essential for 24/7 continuous monitoring in large application scenarios such as squares, hallways, and parking lots.

Full-color + ZOOM: Vari-Focal Zoom In With Vivid Color

The Dahua Full-color Vari-focal Camera boasts approx. 5x optical zoom capability and auto-focus function. These cameras provide clear monitoring scene details even after zooming in, capture vivid color images in dark environments, and also allow users to directly adjust the camera’s focus according to the actual scene, which is convenient and time-saving.

Full-color + 4K: Realistic 4K UHD Image Quality

The Dahua Full-color 4K Camera delivers enhanced color images and video footages 24/7. It adopts 1/1.2” image sensor (currently Dahua's best low-light IPC sensor) that provides 110% pixel size increase compared to common 8MP sensor. Combined with a F1.0 large aperture, more available light can be captured to provide clear and vivid images, which is conductive to accurate video analysis.

Source: https://us.dahuasecurity.com/


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