First turnkey femtosecond laser of its kind at 1550 nm, introduced by Menhir Photonics

Menhir Photonics introduces today — the MENHIR-1550 — the first industrial-grade, femtosecond laser operating at 1550 nm with GHz repetition-rate and ultra-low noise performance offering unprecedented reliability enabling applications in the field and in an industrial environment.

The introduction of the MENHIR-1550 advances applications bridging photonics and electronics in a variety of domains, including the synchronization of large-scale facilities, lownoise microwave generation or telecommunication through the air.

The MENHIR-1550 is an “all-in-one system” with power supply, control electronics and optical components integrated into one box offering a truly easy to use turnkey laser. With unprecedented robustness and reliability, the MENHIR-1550 allows applications in industrial environment and situations like never before.  

New Possibilities for “Out of the Lab” applications

Femtosecond lasers have become a commodity in laboratories, yet their usage for industrial applications is still limited by the complexity, costs and unreliability of these devices. Our femtosecond laser, the MENHIR-1550, aims at changing this situation due to its extremely robust and easy-to-use design and its unmatched performance.

The combination of two key features enables the MENHIR-1550 to outperform competitor products:

  1. Reliability and Robustness: By combining mature technologies and innovative concepts and by investing significant efforts in systems design, the MENHIR-1550 achieved unprecedented reliability and robustness as confirmed by extensive test series. Reliability and robustness are a prerequisite for numerous applications including synchronization electronics, microwave generation or telecommunication, from laboratory setup to operation in harsh environments.
  2. High-Repetition Rate and Low-Noise: The performances of the MENHIR-1550 in terms of repetition-rate (up to 2.5 GHz) and ultra-low noise figure bring a 10-fold improvement compared to our competitors. Such performances are keys in the applications of our customers and open new possibilities in many fields.  

Immediate Availability

The MENHIR-1550 is immediately available as a tabletop instrument with a standard communication interface. For more information and detailed data, see our demonstrators at Photonics West 2019 (Menhir Photonics Booth #4480 – North Hall) or contact Menhir Photonics at [email protected]


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