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Access Fixtures Introduces Innovative, Less Expensive CIRC LED Round Wall Lights

” stated Alex Guarco of Access Fixtures. “An innovative and less expensive LED round wall light with higher efficiency, reliable performance and superior quality has been launched by Access Fixtures. An array of IP65 and IP67 fixtures perfect for natatoriums, walkways, recreational facilities, locker rooms etc. are offered by the exterior-grade CIRC class of light.

Apart from being used as canopy lights, the CIRC lights can also be used in various large or small commercial, hospitality or industrial applications that mandate an efficient, bright and classic solution. CIRC LED wall packs project light forward and the low-profile housings of the light enable the lights to be easily mounted on ceilings or walls.

A lattice grid adds a stylized, industrial and nautical style to the fixture while helping to prevent breakage, keep it safe from debris and vandalism, and add a high-style aesthetic. (Credit: Access Fixtures)

Round Wall Lights with Many Options

The fixture can be tailor-made by selecting from a broad array of options such as voltages of 120-277 V and 347-470 V, wattages of 20-70 W; and supplementary options such as surge protectors, photocells, lens types, sensors, battery backups and personalized RAL coloring. The LEDs in the fixtures are fixed on strong aluminum boards and can deliver nearly 8862 lumens. The fixtures have a spectacular L70-rated life of 50,000-187,000 hours, which corresponds to more than 21 years of continuous light emission without any maintenance. One must take into account that the lights will work even beyond that time frame.

Customers can select from two styles of CIRC LED wall packs, namely, latticed and open faced, where the open-faced lens minimizes the lumens lost by the fixtures. The light is equipped with a lattice grid that not only gives a nautical, industrial and stylized dimension to the fixture but also prevents breakage, secures the light from vandalism and debris, and makes it highly aesthetic.

These versatile units can be mounted on ceilings or walls, which means you can establish a consistent aesthetic across all areas of your natatorium or other facility. The CIRC fixtures with L70-rated lives of 187,000 hours are a tremendous leap in LED technology, and we are proud to offer it to our customers.

Alex Guarco, Access Fixtures

LED Round Wall Lights Built to Last for Years

Based on the type of the fixture, the accessible Kelvin temperatures are from 4000 to 5000 K. Both the temperatures increase the light output, thereby helping to accomplish higher luminescence at low electricity consumption. As the range of the CRIs is 80-85, colors and objects look bright, vibrant and accurate under this light.

The CIRC LED wall packs are made of die-cast aluminum housings or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), which are resistant to high corrosion, impact and weather, thus lasting longer. Access Fixtures offers CIRC LED wall packs with lenses ranging from an opalescent polycarbonate lens to a frosted or clear prismatic, molded-borosilicate-glass lens.

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