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Optimization of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Production Modes Could Help Meet New-Coming Challenges

MORN Technology Co., Ltd., a professional fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer in China, announced today that MORN® group put effort to optimize its modes of fiber laser cutting machine production to meet the new-coming challenges posed by current laser market. At present, everything is growing vigorously and below gives the illustrative description on each aspect.

1. Innovation of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

As an ambitious fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, MORN® attaches great importance to the machine innovation and production innovation. To clarify, MORN® has invested a large amount of money to the research and development of fiber lasers, and encouraged its engineers to make creative attempts based on a result-oriented belief. And now the cutting efficiency of MORN® fiber laser cutter has been increased by 7% along with higher cutting precision and lower cost.

"We will continue walking on the forefront of laser innovation to provide more high quality and lower price machines for worldwide customers," said Astone Li, CEO of MORN Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Factory Upgrade

MORN®'s development concept is to grow into a manufacturing-type enterprise, rather than just sale-type one. Factory upgrade therefore accounts more for the optimization of MORN®'s production modes. And factory and machine production are treasured also as the core of MORN® who has expanded the factory dimension, employed more technicians and specialists, and introduced high-tech production facilities to make joint contributions to the research and production of fiber laser cutting machines.

3. Lifelong Learning and Training for Employees

Employees are considered to be a crucial factor of whether an enterprise can live for a long time. It is them who directly drives the development impetus of enterprises. So accepting professional and industrial learning and training should be a habit, a must and a passion for cultivating valuable employees and competitive enterprises. In view of this, MORN® took effective measures to improve its workers, like organizing regular industrial knowledge sharing courses, sending technicians abroad to learn world cutting-edge laser technologies and beliefs, formulating employees incentive system, etc.

4. Customers' Feedback Study

Customers' feedback is a mirror that can reflect the advantages and weaknesses of products and enterprises. Those who carefully listen to the customers' sounds, no matter critiques or praises, will always stand high in their fields. Hence a virtuous circle will be formed to secure the enterprises' growth. Without exception, MORN® cherishes the advice and critiques much more than praises! Thanks to this conscience, MORN® has now won trusts from customers coming from more than 150 countries.

To innovate the machine, update factory, stick to leaning and heed users' experience are the long-term pursuits of MORN®, and it walks meticulously for every step.


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