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MKS Instruments Announces Release of Ophir RM9-Thz Radiometer for Measuring Low Power THz Sources

MKS Instruments, Inc., a global provider of technologies that enable advanced processes and improve productivity, has announced the Ophir® RM9-Thz Radiometer, a low noise, high sensitivity sensor for measuring low power levels of 50nW to 100mW from short pulse or CW lasers in the 0.7 to 10 THz wavelength range.

Credit: Telesian Technology Inc.

The RM9-Thz is a complete sensor measurement package that includes a NIST-calibrated pyroelectric sensor, THz absorber, and 18Hz chopper to measure a wide range of radiation. A digitally synthetized lock-in amplifier reduces external noise to a minimum, allowing the sensor to measure powers as low as 50nW. The output of the sensor can be displayed on any standard Ophir meter or on a PC.

According to Ephraim Greenfield, CTO, Ophir Products, "The RM9-THz is the newest member of Ophir’s THz product family, which includes the 3A-P-THz high sensitivity thermal power/energy sensor, the Pyrocam™ IV next generation beam profiling camera, and the Pyrocam™ IIIHR beam profiling camera for OEMs. The RM9-THz sensor is designed for detecting very low powers and is not sensitive to background radiation. This makes it ideal for such applications as materials characterization, medical imaging, surveillance, and high-speed communications."

The RM9-Thz features an 8mm aperture, very low noise levels of of ~20nW over 10s, and fast response times of 3.5s with display. The sensor can be connected to any standard Ophir meter or PC interface to display data, including Ophir’s StarLite, Nova II, and Vega smart displays, and Juno PC interface. The display is automatically configured and calibrated when plugged into one of the company’s laser measurement heads.

Availability & Pricing

The RM9-THz Radiometer is available now. OEM prices available on request.


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