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MultiCam Unveils New Quantus Fiber Laser Cutting System

MultiCam, a U.S. based manufacturer of mechanized CNC cutting solutions has now introduced its new Quantus Fiber Laser Cutting System.

The Quantus Fiber Laser is the next generation in Laser Cutting Systems. Combining the precision of ball screw drives with the simplicity of MultiCam's CNC controls and the latest fiber laser technologies, ensures the Quantus is the most advanced, industrial grade, and cost effective laser cutting system on the market.

Chairman/CEO, David Morse said, "I am very excited about the launch of our new Fiber Laser technology, Quantus. This family of laser products allows MultiCam to expand our offering as a one-stop shop for all of your CNC solutions. Quantus is positioned in the market place with a strong cost benefit analysis pricing well below traditional fiber laser solutions while still achieving outstanding motion, speed, and cut quality."

The Quantus is equipped with the latest ultra AIR COOLED Quasi-CW lasers with power levels starting at 1500 Watts and going up to 3000 Watts.

"The new Quantus Fiber Laser provides an increase in productivity to all size manufacturing plants. With faster speeds than plasma, and a higher precision cut over waterjet, the Quantus Fiber Laser is the latest addition to MultiCam's product portfolio that will ensure that customers are increasing their ROI within a very short time," says Kelsey Smith, Director of Global Marketing and Strategic Partnerships.


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