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Dornier to Showcase Newest Holmium Laser Fiber at AUA’s 2016 Annual Meeting

Dornier MedTech is a global medical device company known for its pioneering technologies and revolutionary therapies in urology. Dornier will be showcasing their newest holmium laser fiber, Dornier HeatFlex™, at the 2016 American Urological Association's Annual Meeting (AUA) in San Diego, California.

As the name suggests, this fiber is enhanced with special heat-resistance technology enabling it to withstand the extreme temperatures and conditions associated with anti-prion sterilization processes. In addition, given its durable construction, the HeatFlex™ fiber also features a unique optical and mechanical connection capability when utilizing Dornier's Medilas H Solvo and UroPulse Laser Systems. These paired features make HeatFlex™ one of the most versatile and state-of-the-art fibers on the market today.

"Working efficiently, while preventing the transmission of diseases through medical equipment, is critical. The combined heat-resistant and optimized-connection capability of this new fiber makes HeatFlex an ideal product for urologists looking for the highest levels of performance during kidney stone treatments," said Mary Butler, Chief Technology Officer and VP of Product Marketing for Dornier MedTech.

The fight against transmissible diseases, nosocomial infections, and prion disease is one the highest public health priorities today. Steam sterilization at a temperature of 134C for 18 minutes has been recommended by International health Authorities to provide better assurance of preventing prion disease. HeatFlex™ fibers are designed to tolerate these levels without compromising kidney stone treatment performance. HeatFlex also represents the latest in a wave of market innovations Dornier MedTech has been making as part of their commitment to leading technology and improving life.

For additional information about Dornier MedTech's HeatFlex™ fibers, please contact Valerie Schopmann at +1.770.514.6160 FREE for an interview.


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