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Revolutionary Laser Technology Debuted at Laser World of Photonics Three Wavelengths in One Beam

Universal Laser Systems, a leader in innovative laser solutions presents its ground-breaking Multiwave Hybrid Technology at the Lasers in Manufacturing Congress June 24, 2015 in Munich, Germany.

Joseph T. Hillman, Universal Laser Systems Strategic Development Manager, will present the white paper lecture Multiple Wavelength Laser Processing Technology for Flexible Manufacturing.

The revolutionary Multiwave Hybrid Technology combines multiple wavelengths into a single coaxial beam in a common focal plane. This laser processing technology is capable of operating at multiple wavelengths in combination or in sequence.

The benefits of this technology says Hillman is “Individual laser wavelengths are chosen based on the optical and physical properties of the materials that make up the composite. This provides the optimal laser cutting quality and efficiency.” Customers can utilize a single tool for multiple processes. This efficiency reduces capital costs, increases product quality and overall throughput.

The Multiwave Hybrid technology allows the process of materials that could not be processed with existing or traditional laser systems. For example, a 1.06 µm beam from a Yb-doped fiber laser has been combined with a 10.6 µm beam from a CO2 laser to efficiently cut carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP).

The mid-IR laser beam is readily absorbed by the plastic matrix material, and the plastic is vaporized. At the same time, the near-IR beam efficiently vaporizes the carbon fiber fabric.

The resulting cut has a significantly reduced heat affected zone (HAZ) compared to a cut with a single laser wavelength. The Hybrid laser cut is also completed in half the time as compared to a cut with a single laser wavelength. Laser Multiwave Hybrid technology opens new avenues for homogenous composite materials processing, such as engineering plastics.

Today, Universal Laser Systems is possibly the only company in the world who has pioneered the unique beam delivery system. Hillman explains, “Combining multiple laser beams with various wavelengths into a single coaxial beam enables the development of novel laser materials processing technologies that are not possible with a single wavelength laser beam.

Multiple wavelength technology offers the broadest range of material compatibility for cutting composites, which are composed of matrix and reinforcing elements with different optical and physical characteristics. This new technology has the capacity to provide manufacturers across virtually all industries with the agility to produce smaller, thinner, higher performing components than ever before.

Universal Laser Systems bring this technology to market in the Multiwave XLS Hybrid model 10MWH built on Universal’s patented Rapid Reconfigurationphilosophy. All our laser sources are interchangeable. In seconds, a laser source can be added or swapped out. It requires no tools, no optic changes, no laser realignment or software reconfiguration. Our systems are equipped with the most robust materials database and powerful user software available in the industry.

The software is compatible with virtually any design application including CorelDraw, Illustrator, Photoshop, CAD and others. We have made our advanced user software full of functionality, intuitive and easy to navigate.  No extensive training is necessary to process a virtually unlimited number of materials.  

Visit Universal Laser Systems at Laser World of Photonic 2015 Hall A3 booth 305 for more information on Multiwave Laser Technology or visit our website at

About Mr. Joseph Hillman

Mr. Hillman has a degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He has over 20 years of experience in development of advanced fabrication processes, with the past five years dedicated to laser processing techniques.  He has published more than 100 technical papers and holds over 50 patents. He joined Universal Laser Systems in 2009.

About Universal Laser Systems

Universal Laser Systems Inc. is solely owned, engineering and manufacturing company founded in 1988 and headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, with sales offices in Vienna, Austria and Yokohama, Japan. Universal Laser Systems, Inc. is a leading global provider of CO2 and fiber laser systems and recognized experts in laser-material interactions and advanced material processing.

The laser systems are widely used in small business to Fortune 500 companies throughout automotive, aerospace, awards, electronics, packaging and manufacturing industries to produce a variety of goods ranging from custom, one-off items to identical mass-produced parts and products. Universal laser systems are used to cut, mark and engrave plastics, metals, wood, glass, stone, ceramics, rubber, acrylics, textiles, composites and unique materials. For more information visit our website at


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