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LIGHTFAIR 2015: TERRALUX's LEDSENSE Cloud Lighting Platform Wins Award

Flipping on a light switch will no longer just illuminate the show floor at LIGHTFAIR 2015. TERRALUX has been awarded "Top 10 Products to See" at LIGHTFAIR by Edison Report. LEDSENSE® is a revolutionary, cloud based lighting system that enables a light to see, smell and touch its environment while optimizing energy use and occupant comfort in commercial buildings.

A screenshot of TERRALUX's award-winning LEDSENSE cloud lighting platform. (Photo: Business Wire)

“A light is no longer simply a device that allows you to see in the dark,” said TERRALUX Director of Business Development Matthew Sallee. “During LIGHTFAIR we will be simulating environmental changes in a building so attendees can witness firsthand the power of LEDSENSE®. Lighting technology available in buildings today will pale in comparison to the capabilities we are building in the emerging cloud lighting space.”

Enabled with LEDSENSE®, a light can feel how warm or cold a room is, see if anyone is inside it, and sniff out odors and potentially toxic chemicals in the air including smoke, carbon monoxide and harmful VOCs. HVAC systems, air handling systems, lighting levels, security systems and other existing building systems can all be controlled in real time as LEDSENSE® learns and optimizes building performance, safety and security.

In addition, utilities can issue "Demand Respons" alerts, and LEDSENSE® will automatically adjust light levels in a building to balance grid demand. Energy costs and usage in a building can be reduced by up to 90 percent with LEDSENSE®.

Additionally, building owners, security or maintenance staff can remotely monitor the building from a computer, tablet or smart phone simply by logging into their LEDSENSE® portal.

To see LEDSENSE® in action, visit booth #3067 during LIGHTFAIR 2015. For more information visit:


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