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Overview of Mobile Display Technology and Applications

Research and Markets has announced the addition of Mobile Displays: Technology and Applications to their offering.

This book provides a comprehensive, systematic and up-to-date overview of the existing and emerging mobile display technologies for use in a large number of applications, such as mobile telephones, PDAs and portable computers. Experts on mobile display technology from both academia and industry have contributed chapters on the design considerations and technical requirements of mobile displays, as well as advances in LCD technologies for mobile displays and advances in mobile displays interfaces. The book also covers emerging mobile display technologies such as organic light-emitting displays (OLEDs), carbon nanotube field emission displays (FEDs), plastic backplanes, electronic ink and also ‘beyond direct-view’ technologies, including projection displays and eye-ware displays.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Mobile Displays
  • Human Factors Considerations: Seeing Information on a Mobile Display
  • Advanced Mobile Display Technology
  • In-Plane Switching LCD Technology for Mobile Application
  • Transflective Liquid Crystal Display Technologies
  • Wide Viewing Angle and High Brightness Liquid Crystal Displays Incorporating Birefringent Compensators and Energy-Efficient Backlight
  • Backlighting of Mobile Displays
  • LED Backlighting of LCDs in Mobile Appliances
  • Advances in Mobile Display Driver Electronics
  • The Mobile Display Digital Interface
  • MIPI High-Speed Serial Interface Standard for Mobile Displays
  • Image Reconstruction on Color Subpixelated Displays
  • Recent System-on-Glass Development Based on LTPS Technology
  • Advances in AMOLED Technologies
  • Electronic Paper Displays
  • Reflective Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Displays
  • BiNem® Displays: From Principles to Applications
  • Electrowetting Displays for Mobile Multimedia Applications
  • 3D Displays for Portable Handheld devices
  • Eye-Wear Displays
  • Mobile Projectors Using Scanned Beam Displays
  • Plastic Backplane Technology for Mobile Displays

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