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Braverman Eye Center Now Provides Eye Treatment with Advanced Laser Assisted Cataract Extraction Solution

Braverman Eye Center now offers advanced laser Assisted Cataract Extraction (LACE) Solution with the adoption of the latest technology.

Braverman Eye Center is a leading name in South Florida in the eye surgical and eye care solutions. They specialize in a series of eye treatments. One of those treatments is their specialized treatment of cataract laser assisted surgery. They have adopted the most advanced technique which is available in the market for cataract surgery. They mainly inculcate laser with small incision cataract and Implant surgery for treating cataract effectively. With the use of this technology, the eye vision of the person is restored to a near perfect level the vast majority of the time.

Braverman Eye Center's specialist doctors remove the cataract and replace it with an advanced artificial lens. The best part of this surgery is that it does not have any knife blade cuts and wounds on the eyes of the patient. All openings are made with laser. This is micro- surgery, which gives patients a painless laser assisted eye surgical treatment, enabling them to have clear vision.

One of the spokespersons from the website stated,"The surgeons of Braverman Eye Center have treated many Ft. Lauderdale and Miami cataract surgery and Lasik patients. In addition to treating cataract patients, Braverman Eye Center surgeons have also been the choice of those who seek other surgical and medical treatments of eye diseases and laser vision correction. We are experts in cataract and corneal surgery, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Eye Lid and Orbital Surgery, Laser Vision Correction for nearsightedness, farsightedness and Astigmatism, Permanent Eye Liner, and treatment for Dry Eyes, Retinal Detachment and Vitreous Surgery and Neuro-ophthalmology."

Braverman Eye Center also is known for it's Miami Lasik treatment. For many years, they have been helping patients with Lasik and other eye problems. Their professional service makes them one of the most sought after names in the South Florida world of eye care solutions.


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