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WCUI’s Psoria Light Receives Full Patent Status from US Patent and Trademark Office

Wellness Center USA, Inc. (WCUI), a Schaumburg, IL -alternative healthcare, medical device solutions and online nutraceutical sales company, today announced that wholly-owned subsidiary Psoria-Shield's flagship product Psoria-Light(R) has been granted full patent status from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for one of several patent applications, 8,481,982.

The patent can be viewed at:

"The importance of Psoria-Light's novel safety controls, which detect patient skin before allowing dosing, was recognized by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) as being a unique new teaching in the medical field," stated Scot Johnson, CEO and founder of Psoria Shield.

Psoria-Light emits only pure monochromatic UVA and narrow-band UVB light from breakthrough deep UV LED arrangements. The device's other patent pending LED emitter technology doesn't heat the skin and doesn't carry any of the laser-specific safety concerns associated with excimer lasers.

"The creativity behind medical designs often goes un-noticed. When companies do file for patent protection, applications are often either abandoned or never make it past the first few rounds of review by the PTO. Recognition of improvements in the medical device field by the PTO drives not only sales and shareholder value for those protected products, but also spurs the best of those design teams to do more in their future work. Wellness Center USA's team will continue to push the limits in their designs, and are committed to obtaining the protection and recognition afforded by the PTO," added Johnson.

"As previously announced, we are developing technologies with our sister company, CNS Wellness Inc. (CNS), which has achieved significant advancements in the field of non-pharmaceutical mental health therapy. The collaboration between Psoria-Shield, having substantial medical device design, regulatory and manufacturing experience, together with CNS and their associates, represents enormous intellectual property and treatment potentials for the world," continued Johnson.

Wellness Center's two revolutionary technologies have been the fortunate beneficiaries of coverage from the mass market media (television, newspaper, industry trade journals, etc.). Recently, Psoria Light was featured by ABC News; camera crews showed up at Dr. Seth Forman's practice in Tampa, FL - to film him treating an eight year old patient suffering from Psoriasis (rosy red patches on her cheeks) using the Psoria-Light(R) device. Dr. Forman, one of the nation's most prominent Dermatologists recently featured on nationally broadcast "The Doctors" (CBS), commented "We're actually finding we're delivering the most therapeutic wavelength and not delivering non-therapeutic and therefore unnecessary and potentially harmful (light)."

Click for ABC News Video featuring Psoria-Shield:

"We are proud of our patent achievement, as it recognizes our breakthrough technology and reflects the ability of our superb design team and the hard work that goes into our products. At Wellness Center USA Inc., we continue to plan for the company's future, working towards the successful development and release of our newer products and services," added Mr. Andrew J. Kandalepas, CEO and Chairman of Wellness Center USA Inc.

Psoria-Shield sales are continually expanding domestically, and are now represented in several states across the nation by veteran dermatological sales specialists. Psoria-Light is FDA-cleared, CE marked, and manufactured in Tampa, FL under an ISO 13485 quality management system.


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