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Resolve Optics – A Provider of High Performance UV Lenses and Lens Design

Resolve Optics is a specialist supplier of off-the-shelf and custom fixed focus and zoom lens that offer optimal performance in the Ultraviolet (UV) region (10-400nm).

Applications served by Resolve Optics UV lens include astronomy, artwork authentication, electronics, fire detection, forensics, law enforcement, medical, non destructive testing, nuclear inspection, spectrophotometry and sterilization.

Of the many UV lenses Resolve Optics has produced over the years, most are designed for specific specialised applications based upon its fixed focus Model 231, Model 235 or Model 228 Forensic UV lens designs.

Designed specifically for forensic investigation the Model 228 is a full featured high performance UV lens. The lens has an extended magnification range by using a novel telescopic focusing mount giving a large movement in an extremely compact form. The Model 228 is the first UV lens that offers the capability to image objects from infinity down to 1:1.25 magnification without using add-on adapters.

Renowned for their specialist lens design for nuclear applications - Resolve Optics designed and supplied a specialist camera manufacturer with a novel UV zoom lens enabling remote viewing of a nuclear fuel assembly through 10 metres of water. To meet the challenges of this difficult application - the UV zoom lens was designed to optimally operate from 10 to 55 ºC. Miniature motors were incorporated in the design to allow accurate remote setting of both zoom and focus functions.

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