Resolve Optics Delivers Custom Lens to Consolite Forensics

Resolve Optics has delivered UK-based Consolite Forensics with a novel custom lens for improving the efficiency of the company’s Cartridge Electrostatic Recovery and Analysis (CERA) system. The revolutionary CERA technology enables extraction of fingerprints from discharged cartridge cases, which was previously not clearly visible by any other technique.

Forensic scientists have been challenged with several crimes involving firearms and evidence could be recovered only from spent cartridge cases. Based on fingerprints resulting from corrosive sweat, brass metal cartridge cases have succeeded in delivering identifiable fingerprints that were otherwise impossible with conventional methods.

Following the incorporation of the spent cartridge case within the Consolite CERA system, automatic measurement of the casing’s size and shape begins, followed by distribution of a powder on the surface in a precise and uniform fashion. The powder will adhere to areas affected with surface corrosion, which is caused by chemicals, within the fingerprint deposit. Soon after a clear print result, several high resolution images will be collected from the borders of the cartridge using CERA camera equipped with Resolve Optics lens. The images will then be downloaded using special imaging software for generating a fingerprint for identification.

According to the Managing Director of Resolve Optics, Mark Pontin, both companies worked together to devise a custom lens to obtain precise magnification and the depth of field needed for optimal operation of the CERA system. Resolve Optics’ special lens delivered a 10 MP image for Consolite, maintaining the right geometry without any optical distortions.


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