Ekinops Installs Optical Networking System for Vaultas

Vaultas, broadband service and data center provider, has selected Ekinops, developer and supplier of optical equipment, to deploy an optical networking system for its Midwest fiber route. Ekinops’ technology enabled Vaultas to increase its network capacity and maximize its return on investment.

An Alexandria-based company, Vaultas owns, develops and manages secure data centers. In February 2010, the company installed the Ekinops 360 dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) system upon which its return on investment was accelerated, originally projected as one year and six months.

By delivering both CWDM (coarse WDM) and DWDM on one platform, Ekinops 360 caters to the needs of long-haul, regional and metro transport. Based on the Transport-on-a-Chip technology, the Ekinops 360 allows efficient service aggregation, increased transport capacity, and greater economies of scale.

The main challenge faced by Ekinops was the effective use of limited fiber to cover the 275 miles of fiber route between Fargo, North Dakota and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Apart from providing broadband access to communities along the 275-mile fiber route, Vaultas also plans on locating several data centres along it in the future. This required greater transport capacity as compared to the existing fibers. The ideal solution was Ekinops 360, which can send signals across hundreds of kilometers without the need for regeneration or in-line amplification.

The CEO of Vaultas, John Unger appreciated the service by stating that Ekinops solution proved to be cost-effective and was installed as planned without requiring any rework. The Ekinops 360 also enabled for greater return on investment.

Source: http://www.ekinops.net

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