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Ophir Laser Measurement Group Unveils New Version of StarLab Laser Measurement Software

Ophir Laser Measurement Group has launched an updated version of the StarLab laser measurement software. The new software changes a computer into a multichannel laser power station, and uses the Microsoft COM Object technology.

StarLab Power-Energy Software

Developers utilize the OphirLMMeasurement COM Object to produce software components and to create applications with the use of these components. This method enables OEMs and integrators to build applications that utilize laser measurement objects.

The StarLab laser measurement software supports Ophir Laser’s PC interfaces and USB-enabled laser power/energy meters, thereby enabling the devices to be converted as measurement and test applications. The OphirLMMeasurement features a user-friendly configuration panel for the entire channels, multichannel and user-defined calculations, as well as display and synchronization of multiple channels in a single window. In addition, the software is compatible with 64 bit Windows 7 for quick processing of huge data sets.

The StarLabs calculates and shows histograms, statistics and averages, and logs energy and power. The StarLab installation includes client application demos in LabView, VC#.NET, and VB.NET.


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