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Zerona Non-Invasive Laser Treatment for Body Contouring and Weight Loss

American Medical Aesthetics & Wellness has announced a new laser treatment for weight loss and body contouring. The FDA-approved Zerona Laser non-invasive body contouring technique removes excess fat from the body. The laser procedure is applied when patients are relaxing, and produces effective results without any downtime, surgical risks or discomfort.

The Zerona protocol uses clinically proven and patented laser technology that removes excess fat under the skin. The Zerona laser induces a bio-physiological process, which liquefies the fat inside the fat cells. Later, the fat travels via a temporary pore created within the cell membrane outside the cell. The fat then moves into the extracellular matrix where it gets eliminated by the lymphatic system. The entire process, along with a specialized detox procedure, takes one month.

American Medical Aesthetics & Wellness offers a natural physiological makeover of the skin using physiological regulating medicine, lasers, high potency vitamin therapies and oxygen treatments. The lasers have been used to perform more than 60,000 transformations of aging, sagging, discolored, wrinkled and damaged skin.


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